Nurse Calling System

Improve the quality of
healthcare service

Quick and Timely Care

work processes


Aiding tool for nursing staff to provide fast service to patients in hospitals and long-term care homes.
The system is modular and each gateway controller can serve up to 30 units (room lamp display- audio system)

System Components

Room Lamp

Installed and mounted on room doors for visually signaling bed unit urgency for assistance, room lamps are indicative of normal or emergency calls and clearly establishes the patient priorities. The LEDs will produce a bright light that is easily seen at great distances. As a result, nurses and staff members are quickly directed to the source of a call.

Bathroom Pull Cord

A complementary tool for the bed unit, which is installed inside the bathroom to assist the patient even if they are there, the call is also shown on the nurse station screen with the bathroom’s room number.

Corridor Display

Shows requests from any bed unit with room number and bed number. The display also supports emergency priority in the first row for doctor call (emergency).

Audio System
  • Audio Alert Unit
    Alert in the nurse station, supports two moods; normal tone for nurse calls and fast based tone for emergency calls
  • Audio Announcement Unit
    Automated audio message (announced in the hall)
Nursing Station Software

Configuring and controlling all system units, in addition the gateway can reallocate nurses based on need in each floor, especially in night shifts. The gateway also hosts the nursing station embedded monitor; a web application with LCD display and android player.

Web software Application

Single Software application which is responsible for collecting data from nurse station and saving it on the database afterwards the software can easily prepare and show reports and escalations

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