9450, 9450 C, 9450S

9450 is designed for medium to heavy duty production lines, 9450 helps maximize your OEE and take your brand to the next level. Our continuous inkjet 9450 printers respond to most industrial needs, from black marking or high contrast color pigmented solutions to inks for direct food contact.


The 9450 S helps you optimize your TCO* and operating expenses by 30%! Dedicated to the BEVERAGE industry, the 9450 S is more than just fast! The 9450 S combines state-of-the-art technology and expertise to ensure your product is coded right on its way out the door to the customer!


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Technology : Continuous Inkjet

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Your challenges

You are pursuing the improvement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your production. You are looking for a robust printing technology that will take your brand to the next level by combining an efficient ink solution, a system that will check the accuracy of every one of your codes, everytime while benefitting from the most innovative software solutions.

Our solutions

Our 9450 industrial inkjet prints multi-line codes in various colors while simultaneously optimizing costs and reducing power and consumable consumption. Printhead options with the integrated Intelli’jet® feature are capable of printing a variety of high-quality codes, logos and alphabets, 2D, QR codes and DotCodes. Fully optimized for our CoLOS® software solution, it offers several functionalities that take your brand to the next level. Carry-out promotional marketing coding directly at the production level while guaranteeing the easy tracking of your running costs and data. Thanks to our integrated Mark&Read® system, our 9450 series printers maintain your line speed and secure products with the correct code, reducing the risks of waste and recalls. Its robust characteristics (IP56 standard) and extensive memory make daily maintenance procedures safe and easy.

Key benefits

Our robust 9450 printer maximizes your production performance thanks to an industry-leading availability rate. The innovative cartridge system, Intelli’ink®,  makes set-up clean and automatic, maximizing your production uptime. Our 9450 inkjet prints high-resolution codes 20% faster than similar printers, and promotional coding can be done by simply inserting a thumb drive. With the largest ink portfolio on the market, our 9450 creates quality marking even on the most difficult substrates.

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