SL F500

The SmartLase F500 laser marking printer creates permanent codes at remarkable speed, maximizes your production line efficiency while ensuring end-to-end product traceability.

Professionally designed for high-speed beverage can lines and other throughput applications, the SmartLase F500 consistently produces crisp, permanent codes with lower operating costs.


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Technology : Laser

Speed : Low | Medium | High

Your challenges
In the realm of high-speed, high-throughput beverage canning lines, you need a laser printer that's not only dependable but also eco-friendly. Your goal is to print high-quality, unchanging, and traceable codes using a simple coder to operate and maintain.
Our solutions
The SmartLase F500 is a 50-watt fiber laser coder provides permanent codes at speeds exceeding 1,750 cans per minute. Even at this ultrafast speed and with the most demanding product throughputs, it guarantees reliable traceability that effectively reduces rework and recall costs.
Key benefits
The SmartLase F500 laser printer is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen user interface that simplifies operation and updates. It boasts an industrial IP55 design, capable of maintaining peak performance for 100,000 hours straight, even in the most challenging beverage environments. Thanks to its no-ink, no-consumables approach, you'll instantly witness the positive impact on your operating expenses (OpEx), overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and sustainability objectives.

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