Smart Pole

Energy Saver - Smart Cities

ATUM “Aggregated Tele Utility Manager” is a smart pole system that is made to serve the modern smart societies, save energy and preserve the environment.

ATUM Smart Pole system (ASP) delivers modernized service to people in new cities.

The system can save more than 30% of consumed electricity energy and is designed based on new communication technologies that assure monitoring and central control to maintain sustainable service quality.

Why ATUM is Important for Energy ?


Asset management


Extending lamp life time


Lighting transaction schedules
sunset/sunrise times


Power failure detection


Lighting on/ off/ dimming and
camera remote control


Internet access point control

queuing system

Digital Signage Full Access


Secured two ways
communication channel


Optical fiber


Transaction update to the
management server

icons8-open-door-50 (1)

Door opening
misuse detection

transaction (2)

Remote system update

System Components

ATUM Smart Pole System has some distinctive features:

  • Street lighting
  • Digital Signage
  • Public Access Point
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Smart Controller
  • Communication Module

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