Electrical Panel

electrical panel

Alfa Electronics offers stylish engineered Electrical Panels (Metal & Plastic) to provide control, protection, and monitoring for onboard electrical circuits.

Our Electrical Panels are carefully designed to accommodate Alfa Electronics power-saving solutions to guarantee exceptional experience with all the necessary considerations to hotel guests’ rooms.

All panels are pre-wired with bus bars and ground stripes for easy installation and come with circuit identification label sets.

System Features

queuing system

Simple Installation

Queuing System

Safe Operation


Easy Maintenance


Indoor & Outdoor use


Mounting rail for MCB


Neutral, grounding
terminals, earth leakage

Body enclosure and Custom Design

  • Electrical panels are used indoors to protect the enclosed controls from dust, dirt, and water splashing
  • The body is made of cold-rolled steel chemically treated and painted with electrostatic powder coating.
  • The Bar is made of copper and plated with silver screws and connecting tools are iron-plated with zinc.

Customizable Electrical Panel Features

  • Electrical Panel design and layout
  • Heat dissipation and ventilation requirements
  • Complete documentation and schematics
  • Electrical fabrication and wiring
  • Integration of energy saving power unit
  • Onsite installation

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