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The Waiting area management system is a smart queue system for customers’ queuing organization problems to improve time utilization and maintain order in public service areas through a numbering system that works through a sequenced ticketing machine. The system is customizable according to the clients’ needs and can be installed in various businesses including banks, offices, clinics, hospitals, embassies, airports, clubs, universities, …. etc. WAM supports virtual queuing, through integrating with online reservation apps allowing users to book their spots before they arrive.

Queue Management System Components

Waiting Area Management Request
Desktop Request
The Waiting area management desktop request is an integrated ticketing station that receives the required service from clients by clicking on the appropriate button.

It can issue the ticket with customizable theme and all required information.

Waiting Area Management Request
Queuing System Kiosk
Alfa’s kiosks come in a variety of shapes and designs and provide access to information and applications for a complete self-service experience.

Waiting Area Management Display is an essential part of the queuing process which displays all types of information to enhance the process of the queue management system.

It works through  informing  customers with their turns, the windows they should head to which matches their tickets taken from the ticketing machine and any other additional information that can be customized according to business needs.

Waiting area management terminal contains 16 buttons Keypad membrane that can be programmed for customized functions.
It can also be used for transferring to any service or any other terminal.
The terminal can be replaced with Q-term software with the same function.

Queue system audio announcements or waiting area management audio announcement is a bilingual audio system.

The announcements can be through Kiosk speakers or amplified speakers or visual announcement through counter displays, service displays, digital Signage (ALVIS).

Alfa offers different queue system software applications for managing waiting areas.

These waiting area management systems are customized to manage the queuing process from entry to a complete customer process serving.

In addition we provide advance analysis and management tools for overall review and reporting services.

queue system software applications

WAM Pro is a queue system software application orchestrating the queuing process.

It’s a full feature digital solution application that supports all standard queuing management system functions and more.

WAM Pro features:
• Branch Management
• Multiple Kiosks
• Customizable Ticket
• Offline Operation

queue system software application
WAM Central

WAM Central is also a queue system software application that is used for monitoring the branch waiting area to maximize the operator’s performance & customer satisfaction.

This is achieved by organizing the queuing process through online Monitor & Brief Reports.


queue system software application
WAM Reporting

WAM Reporting is an application of the queue system software offer by Alfa Electronics.
It is responsible of constructing the queuing process through reporting client from Head office to regional managers.
While others can monitor the performance of some or all branches through:
• Online Monitor (live monitoring)
• Reporting (Report based on periods of time & other filtration criteria)

Alfa’s Waiting Area Management System supports virtual queuing by offering queue management mobile application.

The Queuing app works as a queuing solution through integrating with online reservation apps allowing users to book their spots before they arrive.

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