Save Lock

Integrated E-Lock & Power Saver

Safe Lock is a smart solution is used for hotel rooms management system as electronic locking and energy saving.

Smart hotel rooms use proximity power saver (RFID Technology) to be integrated with the RFID electronic lock.

Energy Saving


High Security


High Energy Saving


Electronic Locking


Guaranteed Room Safety


Less Insurance Fees


Increased Room
Equipment Life Time

System Components

Alfa’s electronic locks are made with maximum security and safety to hotel rooms.

Each lock is designed to match only one access card.

Access cards and electronic locks are managed by Alfa’s hotel management system.

The energy saving unit is a power saver switch that works as an electrical on/off switch using the key smart card

The coded card is a smart card that acts as a key to switch on/off electricity

  • Save lock integrated system; electronic lock with power saver
  • Single coded card to open the lock and switch the room power ON
  • High quality robust design with elegant shape
  • FSO (fail safe operation) to assure that the guest will never be left in the dark in case of system failure
  • Accommodates wide variety of loads
  • SSO (smart saving option) to switch off the air conditioner only in case of window/ balcony opening (option)
  • Several lock designs and shapes
  • Support magnetic, chip and proximity technologies
  • Mechanical master key option with override emergency opening
  • Easy access and safe battery exchange
  • Safe 5 latches American standard mortise lock
  • Stainless steel internal lock parts
  • Secured lock with anti-panic and anti-picking hotel features
  • History log in case of hacking
  • Environmentally resistance

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