Power Saver

The impressive solution for energy saving with smart electronic locking for hotels

Alfa Electronics developed the smart “Power Saver System” to be installed in hotel guest rooms.

The smart room energy saver works on cutting off the electric power whenever the guests are out of their rooms.

The system is elegantly designed to suit different styles of interior decoration and different hotels designs.

The system uses coded cards to prevent tampering and intentional overriding.

Moreover, the system could be integrated with electronic locks, status displays and electronic don’t disturb signs.

System Features


Wireless proximity
RFID wireless technology


Power Saver System


Fail Safe Operation


RFID Cards
Low Freq./ High Freq

queuing system

Vertical or horizontal
card insertion

queue system software applications

high loads


One Coded Card for room
lock and power switch


Electronic lock integration


Smart Energy Saver

System Components

The energy saving unit is a power saver switch that works as an electrical on/off switch using the key smart card

The coded card is a smart card that acts as a key to switch on/off electricity

The power unit is a power connector that’s main function is to connect/disconnect electricity when the hotel guest accesses or leaves the room using the keycard.

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