E station is Inspired by the idea of changing the world one digital kiosk at a time.
An electronic kiosk can help institutions take part in the transformation of different branches into digital ones.

We provide real-time services and solutions to facilitate complex transactions beyond working hours, off loading basic tasks to self-service kiosks, reducing labor costs, and giving customers more time to enjoy their experience in your branch through an advanced digitalized kiosk.


queuing system

Self-service on boarding and documents print



Facilitate transactions beyond working hours


Payment Services

queuing system

Verified authenticated transactions



Reducing operational mistakes


Increasing on boarding efficiency

Technical Specs

Dimensions (H*W*D) 1700 x 370 x 330 mm
Weight 45Kg
Power Supply 12V DC
Screen 7″
Processor Rock chip quad Core 32bit
ARM® Cortex-A7
Payment module PAX IM30
Reader RFID card reader/ writer 13.5 Mhz
Chassis Sheet metal thickness 1.5mm
Coating Electrostatic painting

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