ATUM Street Light Control

Aggregated Tele Utility Manager

Alfa’s ATUM “Aggregated Tele Utility Manager” works as a smart street lighting system. It facilitates remote light controlling.

ATUM is a solution basically made to achieve maximum saving in electric energy through On/Off light switch according to sunset/sunrise time.

In addition to the energy consumption measurement tool that helps to detect misuse and improve overall operational efficiency.

Why ATUM is Important for Energy ?


Minimizing wasted energy


Saving money due to remote controlling


Optimizing human resources’ efforts


Maximizing operation efficiency

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Increasing system availability

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Extending lamps lifetime

ATUM - System Components and Devices

ATUM Controller is an advanced device for street light control with a pre-programmed time schedule to switch ON & OFF the street lights.

In addition, it provides its users statistical reports and remote control through a mobile network.

Based on time-tables, ATUM Timer is designed for street light control with a switch ON & OFF the light through an intelligent pre-programmed time schedule of sunset/ sunrise to achieve the optimum saving.

ATUM Sensor is a measurement device that is used in street light control system and collects power consumption information such as voltage, current, power factor, active power, and reactive power.

Electrical current detection is conducted by using a current transformer to extend the durability of the system.

ATUM communicator is a GPRS device that operates through a mobile network as a part of the street light monitoring system.

Through this unit the system can be remotely configured and updated, meanwhile all information related to power consumption is transferred to the main server for reporting purposes.

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