Easy Installed Wireless Queue Management System

First Come First Served

Saves time and efforts

Reduces walkouts

Queue system

Q-easy is a modern wireless queue system that suits perfectly businesses that have heavy flow of customers where time is priceless and must have quick and efficient response.

Q-easy’s queuing system aims for punctuality by providing services in an adequate manner and time through smart queue management system software. The system is very helpful to run heavy queues and can be easily installed.

Using a highly efficient queuing management system, the clients’ ticket numbers are displayed on the screen accompanied by an audio alert, so the clients proceed for their turn.


Queuing System

Single/5 service
queuing system

queue system

Surface mount
dot matrix Display P4.75

queue system

Wall mount

queue system

Calling customers in order
or calling specific customer


Built in Ding Dong with volume
control and external audio jack

queue system

Store/ recall
client number

System Components

  • Elegant Shape
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Easy configuration through hosted web page
  • Works with wireless queuing system
  • Displays client and window number
  • Internal access point (limited with connected units ) or external access point
  • Easy configuration through hosted web page
  • Ability to start counting from specific number
  • Ability to display the next number or specific number

Alfa’s integrated Q-basic stand alone request is an advanced ticketing machine that receives the required service from clients by clicking on the appropriate button of a customized function.

It is an advanced ticketing system that can be customized based on the client’s desired theme and all the required information.

This unit is installed at the entrance and mounted on desktop.

Customers can easily customize the ticket through the queuing software and modify services tags via traditional printing process.

  • Low Power Consumption
  • In Door Use
  • Desktop

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