The modern form of the Queue system

First Come First Served


Saves time
& effort

Queue system

Q-Basic is a modern queue system customized for shops, supermarkets, malls, fast food restaurants & food courts, beauty centers, sporting clubs, universities…etc.

Using an advanced ticketing system, clients receive numbered Tickets or Cards with the order of arrival in the queue and wait to be served. When the client number is displayed on the screen accompanied by an audio alert, the client then proceeds for the service.

Our Queuing System provides an optional feature of special scrolling screen that can be used to display missed numbers or welcome messages.


Queuing System

Single service
queuing system

Queuing System

3 digits
red display

queuing system

Scrolling text
15 characters

queuing system

Calling customers in order
or calling Specific customer

queuing system

Ticket dispenser/
pre-printed cards

queuing system

Store/ recall
client number

System Components

Q-basic is an integrated ticketing station that receives the required service from clients by clicking on the appropriate button of a customized function.

it can issue the ticket with customizable theme and all the required information. This unit is installed at the entrance and mounted on desktop.

Customers can easily customize the ticket through the queuing software and modify services tags via traditional printing process.

  • Low Power Consumption
  • In Door Use
  • Desktop

The Q-basic’s queuing system display screen is an essential part of the queuing process that displays information to enhance the process of queue management process.

The queuing management system works through informing customers with their turns, which matches their tickets through the queuing system display screen.

Waiting area management terminal contains 16 buttons Keypad membrane that can be programmed for customized functions.
It can also be used for transferring to any service or any other terminal.
The terminal can be replaced with Q-term software with the same function.

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