Industrial coding and traceability software

We understand the product identification and traceability challenges you face throughout the lifecycle of your products. Today’s industrial coding and packaging must comply with changing regulations, keep products safe, and be traceable throughout the supply chain.

Systech, a solutions division of Markem-Imaje, delivers automated coding optimization software and end-to-end supply chain tracking to meet these demanding requirements—all while increasing productivity and minimizing human error and costs.

Message Management

Our package coding and label management automation helps you accurately handle complex messages and streamline production. Reduce the costs of manual entry and message data maintenance by up to 90% and cut changeover duration by up to 50%.

Packaging Verification

Systech’s automated inspection solutions combine robust machine vision with intuitive interfaces to provide a one-stop-shop for integrated printing and verification. Our seamless platform confirms that your packaging and industrial coding are consistently compliant and of the highest quality.

Line Control

Effective line control improves quality, reduces costs, and helps you continually increase production output. Systech automates coding and printing processes to minimize errors and optimize effectiveness from start-up through every phase of production.


Mixing and matching traceability tools from different vendors can be overwhelming and costly. Systech provides a single, simple solution for generating, managing, and reporting product data in a diverse supply chain ecosystem. Our track-and-trace solution makes it easy to create a compliant system of record for your products in changing regulatory environments.


As the industry leader and pioneer in serialization software, Systech delivers full-stack capabilities that can be deployed rapidly on any line, site, or enterprise in any region. Our serialization and track-and-trace software is configurable for unbeatable ease of implementation and speed to accommodate changing demands and meet regulatory compliance.


Product authentication at the individual item level is the most effective way to prevent counterfeiting and diversion. Systech’s revolutionary e-Fingerprint® technology turns your existing package barcode into a unique digital identifier. Each product becomes instantly connected to verify authenticity, gather actionable supply chain insight, and engage consumers.

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