SL C150/350

SmartLase C150 and C350

Designed to deliver permanent, crisp, clear and traceable codes in medium to high speed packaging lines, the SmartLase C150/350 sets the standard for best-in-class laser coding solutions.

Markem-Imaje sets the standard in best-in-class laser coding with the SmartLase C-series laser coders. The SmartLase C-Series laser coders deliver permanent, crisp, clear traceable codes and complete customizable solutions for medium to high speed production lines.


Beer & Cider Beverage Confectionery Cosmetics Diary Electronics Extrusion Food Industrial Components Oil And Gas Personal Care Pet Food Pharmaceuticals Snack Food Soft Drinks

Technology : Laser

Speed : Low | Medium | High

Your challenges
You need reliable, easy to use printers that print produce high quality codes at up to 150,000 products per hour, and can be integrated into your production line, connect with your plant management software and operate virtually maintenance-free without ink or other chemicals.
Our solutions
The SmartLase C150 and C350 laser coders are ideal for both intermittent or continuous lines. Thanks to patented Intelli'Arc technology, you can expect precise and perfect codes with quality that is on par with that of pre-printed packaging.  Perfectly straight lines and smooth arcs are achieved at speeds 30% faster than other lasers. The SmartLase C-series can be configured with a wide variety of lenses, scan heads and laser sources to perfectly match your application requirements.
Key benefits
The SmartLase robust design and hassle-free maintenance ensures that your line will operate at 99.9% uptime, even in the most difficult manufacturing environments.  SmartLase has been designed to be easy to use, install and integrate. The intuitive touch screen interface ensures hassle-free maintenance and minimal operator training and fewer errors.  The standard aiming diode drastically shortens changeover times, expedites code adjustments and reduces waste. The SmartLase coders improve your operating expenses (OpEx), overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and sustainability goals and metrics with industry leading reliability of 99.9% line availability, 30% longer coder life even without ink, consumables or other chemical components.

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