Parking Management System


Parking Technology Solution

Alfa Parking Management System is a digitalized smart car parking solution that enhances and regulates the whole process of car parking from entrance to exit. This advanced parking technology solution can solve common parking lots capacity problems and bring additional benefits to properties through an efficiently designed parking control systems, and achieve high efficient in entrance/exit management.

System Components

Parking Management is a software that regulates and manages all processes from entry to exit.

Alfa’s smart parking system collects financial transactions for all vehicles, whether subscribers or non-subscribers.

This advanced software regulates the whole parking process in order to provide an easy, trouble free parking experience.

The parking management system can solve common parking problems, achieving high efficiency in entrance exit management.

  • ID Scanner
  • Camera
  • RFID reader-Short rang
  • RFID reader-Long Range

The parking guidance system is an advanced system to monitor all parking spaces in terms of vehicles existence and spots availability.

The parking guidance system can help visitors to reach to the closest free space, through electronic screens, light indicators and sensors spread throughout the landscape.

Alfa’s parking mobile application is developed to let users allocate different parking areas based on their current location.

The parking app provides accurate information about availability and parking fee.

The parking application supports online payment right from the customer’s mobile device.

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