The 9330 inkjet printer system is designed to grow with your company and help it prosper, while providing support to its production line in expansion and adaptation to changing product packaging, all at a competitive price.

Tailored for light to medium duty production lines, the 9330 is a versatile and cost-efficient inkjet solution, and is capable of operating for more than 8,000 hours* non-stop.


Aerospace Automotive Beer & Cider Beverage Confectionery Construction Cosmetics Diary Egg Electrical Electronics Extrusion Food Industrial Components Personal Care Pet Food Pharmaceuticals Snack Food Soft Drinks

Technology : Continuous Inkjet

Speed : Low | Medium

Your challenges

Finding a reliable of high quality and cost-effective code marking solution that works on evolving your capacity needs while being easy to install, use, and maintain.

Our solutions

The 9330 continuous inkjet is made to cover all your needs for the years to come. It's user-friendly and easily maintainable. Thanks to its modular Intelli’Swap design, changing the M6’ ink circuit takes only six minutes and you can do it on your own. The Intelli’Inks portfolio covers a wide range of packaging types, ensuring that you can continue using the same printer over the years, regardless of product updates. Its automatic cleaning system, combined with Intelli’Jet technology, guarantees clean, trouble-free startups and consistently high-quality codes.

Key benefits

Crafted for low to medium duty applications, the 9330 offers unmatched flexibility to accommodate easily to evolving printing needs while delivering quality coding for over 8,000 hours of production*. *Recommended preventive maintenance procedure: 8,000 hours".

Material Type

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