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Alternative Payment Portal - Secure Transaction


Improved payment process

company branding

Time saving

Higher revenue


Alfa electronics’ Payment Kiosk is a smart solution that operates as a self-payment machine.

The Payment Kiosk is a convenient self-service terminal to facilitate payment for various services in the fast pace of the daily life.

Features can be extended by adding barcode scanners and credit card readers to speed up the payment process.

Alfa’s smart kiosk is the answer for a superb customer experience with minimal waiting time!



Unattended card reader


Barcode scanner (optional)


Image scanner (optional)

Technical Specs

Dimensions (H*W*D) 150 cm x 68 cm x 35cm
Weight 55 Kg
Screen 21.5” LCD touch-screen
Processor Intel® core i3, 4 GB Ram
Power Consumption 135 W
Card Reader Unattended and/or RFID credit card reader with pin keypad
Security Security support Sam card – 2 slots
Chassis Steel case1.5 mm & 2 mm with secured cabinet
Coating Anti-corrosion electrostatic paint, one color

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