Swing Barrier Gate

Access Control

To keep safety up to high measures Alfa introduces the swing barrier gate, it provides comprehensive functions that are highly recommended to use in class communities, intelligent buildings, hotels, clubs, subway stations, gym and other different venues. The swing barrier can be integrated with modern intelligent management system with a compact electro-mechanical design and self-lock mechanism to provide optimum access control.

System Features


Automatic detection
for malfunctions


Infrared photocells
for safety access


Alarm for unauthorized
access and no access


Anti-reverse passing


Auto closing/ open
when power on/ off


Adjustable access directions
and auto delay closing

queuing system

Emergency interface


Passenger access
traffic light


Tickets/ membership
card accessibility

Technical Specs

Machine Type Automatic swing barrier , single channel
Dimensions (HxLxW) 100cm X 115cm X 27cm
Arm length 42 ~ 90 Cm
Motor Material Steel and aluminum alloy
Power Supply 220V± 15% , 5060Hz
Motor Type DC 24V , brush
Flow speed 30~40 people per minute

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