X65 – 128

Ideal for wide-format ingredient and nutritional coding, the SmartDate X65-128 delivers high-volume, high-quality printing on flexible film packaging and ensures optimized OEE data tracking.

Designed for wide-format printing applications, the SmartDate X65-128 delivers high-volume, high-resolution printing on flexible film packaging at speeds up to 700 mm/s.


Confectionery Cosmetics Diary Food Pet Food Pharmaceuticals Snack Food

Technology : Thermal Transfer Overprint

Speed : Low | Medium

Your challenges

You need a coding solution that can deliver high-quality printing over a large printing area, facilitating product traceability and compliance. You want to monitor your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in order to maximize the availability and efficiency of your production line. You also need a printer with an easy and intuitive user interface, with simplified operation and low operational intervention.

Our solutions
Ideal for long ingredient lists and nutritional-fact coding, the SmartDate X65-128 thermal transfer printer offers a large choice of ribbon rolls adapted to a variety of packaging types. This all-in-one technology is suited to both intermittent and continuous applications, and printhead lifetime is improved by automatic set-up, which also allows for dead-dot monitoring. Its use of no-wear parts eliminates the need for preventive maintenance.
Key benefits
The SmartDate X65-128 ensures optimized tracking of OEE data on a 10.1” user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily monitor your most valuable production metrics. The printer’s speed can be set from 10 mm to 700 mm per second, allowing for more than 400 printed packs per minute at 300 dpi. With a printing area of up to 128 mm x 150 mm, the technology delivers twice the amount of variable print compared to a standard coder, providing both time and cost efficiency.

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