Ticket Vending Machine

Improving Customer

Increased Revenue

Lower Staff Costs

Account Management

Electronic Payment


Ticket vending Machine

The Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) is configured with electronic payment systems for issuing thermal paper tickets, accepting credit cards or prepaid cards.

The ticketing system can be  easily operated by a touch-screen with an intelligent interface. Users can not only select their destination and their preferred payment method but they are also able to recharge prepaid cards of the respective system operator.

All ticket vendors are equipped with the latest ticketing technology such as RFID or 2D barcodes or mobile ticketing.

The Ticket Vending Machine can be used in banks, hospitals, cinemas, social clubs, governmental institutions, etc.



National ID scanner


Fingerprint scanner


A4 Laser printer

point-of-sale (1)

Receipt printer

queuing system

Cash acceptor




Secure connection (data sources)

queuing system

Easy integration with CRM, ERP, etc…

queue system software applications

Centralized administration

Technical Specs

Dimensions (H*W*D) 160 cm x 78 cm x 45 cm
Weight 75 Kg
Screen 21” LCD touch screen
Max Power Consumption 150 watt
Touch Technology Capacitive
Processor Intel core i5
Chassis Anti-vandalism metal cases
Coating Steel enclosure with antirust coating

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