Donations Kiosk

In line with the modernization of the public services and improvement, Alfa offers its smart Donation Kiosk as an automated solution to make donations easier.

Depending on the application and the requirements of the business, Alfa can provide your business with the optimum kiosk.

It’s configured with electronic payment systems for donation and issuing thermal paper receipts, accepting credit cards or debit cards.

The system can be operated comfortably by a touch-screen via an intelligent interface.

Donators can not only select their payment’s destination and their preferred payment method, but are also able to get helped by the respective system remote operators.

All Donation Kiosks are equipped with the latest payment technology, accessibility and user interface.

System Features


Service 24/7


Easy operation via an intelligent user interface system


Support of non-cash payment services

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Reliable high-resolution and high-speed receipt


Life support via phone call handset


Customer-specific adaptation in design and configuration

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