Standard Kiosk

A smart kiosk that offers advanced solutions

Provides civilized service to all customers

Analyzes Performance Parameters

Enhances Service

standard kiosk

Alfa’s smart standard kiosk offers a brilliant modern experience to all the users.

It allows the users to access multiple digitalized services including tickets issuance, queue system management, information sharing, customer satisfaction surveys….and more.

With its versatile design and wide high resolution perfectly angled LCD screen, Alfa’s smart kiosk is fit for many applications and diversified businesses.


queuing system

Microsoft Windows
based PC (Windows 10)

queuing system

Integrated Ticketing
Station with touch screen


15” or 17” LCD


Ticket Thermal Printer


Customizable ticket layout (Logo,
Message, Images and advertisement)


Audio Announcements


16-key metal keypad (optional)


Client Identification (optional)


Multiple Application

Technical Specs

Dimensions (H*W*D) 160 cm x 55 cm x 39 cm
Weight 45 Kg
Screen 15” or 17” LCD touch screen
Processor Intel® Core i3 or later
Power Consumption 350 W
Power Supply Standard PC Power Supply(220V AC)
Storage 500 GB or higher
Keypad 16 keys metal keypad (optional)
Connectors VGA
Ethernet network (RJ45)
Serial Port (RS232)
Chassis Steel case 1.5 mm & 2 mm with secured cabinet
Coating Anti-corrosion electrostatic paint, 2 colors

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