5200, 5400

Designed for high volume, the Touch Dry® 5200 and 5400 large character printers produces high-resolution 100% readable text, logos and GS1-128 barcodes, on corrugate, films, and polystyrene.


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Technology : Large Character High Resolution Piezo

Speed : Low | Medium | High

Your challenges
You want a low maintenance, high productivity inkjet coder that maximizes efficiency. You need to print high contrast barcodes, texts and logos cost-effectively on a range of substrates and surfaces, under variable and even extreme conditions.  You have many print jobs or labels to manage.
Our solutions
Look no further than our Touch Dry high-resolution piezo 5200 and 5400. They produce high contrast and 100% scannable codes that set the industry benchmarks and meet C-grade GS1-128 barcode standards. With a focus on productivity and performance, our piezo 5200 and 5400 coder solutions means your codes will never bleed or fade.
Key benefits

Compact Intelli’Wax printheads are ideal for limited line space and allow ink to be replenished without having to pause production, while our patented Touch Dry® hot melt inks produce high contrast text and codes that dry on contact and never bleed or fade. Additionally, our inks are solvent-free and environmentally friendly, and can print in an impressive range of challenging environments, from 0 to 40 °C. The piezo 5200 and 5400 can print on a range of substrates and has multiple jetting orientations, including a 90° tilt angle for vertical side printing. It can also direct print GS1-128 quality codes at a lower cost and with less mess than labels. Leveraging our CoLOS job creation and data management system, you can centrally manage prints to ensure consistency across your lines.

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