Electronic Don't Disturb

Efficient and elegant
alternative for old
paper sign

Alfa’s Electronic Don’t Disturb System is an efficient and elegant smart modern alternative for obsolete “don’t disturb/ makeup the room” paper signs used in hotels and resorts.

The system has an indoor unit used to select the desired room request and an outdoor illuminating unit to display this selection.

Electronic Do-Not-Disturb is designed to provide extra comfort for hotel guests and give them the control and convenience they expect.

System Features


Replaces the traditional paper sign
which can be lost or damaged


Remotely controlled by the
guest inside the room


The control unit is available in
different colors to match the
room decoration

System Components

Alfa’s Electronic Hotel Don’t Disturb System has a fixed unite outside the room with service request screen corresponding with the indoor unit

Alfa’s Electronic DND is a system fixed inside the room with service request buttons for the guest’s convenience.

The room eye device is a part of the hotel system that sends rooms’ requests to a centralized monitor for house keeping through Wi-Fi connection.

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