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We Proudly Innovate and Manufacture in Egypt

Chairman's Words

About Us 1

Yesterday ,Alfa has been serving the Egyptian market for over 30 years with full dedication to innovation and service in the electronics industry. We are proud of our long list of innovations that exceeds 80 different products over the lifetime of the company as well as the services provided to over 750 customers in the Industrial sector in addition to 1200 customer in various business fields including banking, hospitality, public services and health institutions. We have always been recognized in the market for our creativity and innovation and have been granted the National award for innovation in Egypt once.

Today , We stand proud of our engineering brain-ware team including both the hardware the software arms. They are capable of transforming ideas to solutions through new locally developed products and systems to be offered to our customers. With a vast range of technologies
starting from discrete components to full-fledged computer-based solutions with latest built in technologies including RFID, IoT, web-based services, software solutions and mobile apps on different platforms, Alfa at the entry of the third decade of the century is emerging into the G4 era while maintaining its pro-founded mission of innovation and service.

About Us 2

And Tomorrow….. It is needless to say that the future will unleash a lot of opportunities that we can stretch our capabilities to new fields in the banking, hospitality, public services, transportation and health sectors while maintaining serving our customers beyond their expectations.

We have the vision, the will and the resources to be what we want to be and to land wherever we are needed most.

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About Us 4

Our Vision​

Becoming the regional innovation hub

Providing electronic solutions

Matching the 4th generation market transformation
Building on proven customer trust via our vibrant team.

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Our Mission

Aiming to become a Digital organization, with Corporate head quarters. Customer/revenue/market oriented Service/solution oriented (not only products oriented). while enforcing the  Leadership without a title concept.
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Our values

Empowering People
Regulatory Compliance

Closer look at Alfa

OUR Quality policy

We at Alfa Electronics are bound to surpass our customers’ expectations by our products, our services and our technical support. We commit to exert continuous efforts to achieve customer satisfaction through on going development and creativity in all business aspects while maintaining reasonable and competitive prices.
Since quality requires sincere and dedicated efforts from each individual in our team thus we are committed to apply quality procedures following international standards through the contribution of every employee in the company, whereby quality becomes the main characteristic of all activities, trends and performance aspects starting from product design to the final stage of the provided service.

Following our keenness for on going development and excellence, the top management at Alfa Electronics has committed to review quality goals for the organization and to keep improving them constantly.

Alfa is committed to achieve this policy in accordance with the standards and requirements of ISO 9001:2015


• Alfa won the “National Award for Excellence in Innovation” in 2006.

• Alfa is ISO9001 certified:

• ISO9001:2000 since 2006

• ISO9001:2008 since 2012

• ISO9001:2015 since 2018

• Alfa was awarded the good innovation management practitioner certificate in 2019.

• Alfa is certified from Industrial Development Authority.


• Design Department.

• Assembly and production lines.

• Mechanics shop.

• Sales, marketing and business development office.

• Service centers:
Alfa service departments offer excellent after sales service and support to customers under warranty and after warranty periods aiming to meet customers’ satisfaction.
Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm-El-Sheikh, Hurghada and Assiut.