Our Planning

ALFA is satisfying the business interest of its stakeholders through very clear company objectives addressing the benefit and objective of each, as follows:


Through annual return of 10% NPBT representing over 30% R.O.I. annually, meanwhile not being involved in any executive duties but limited to policy making and on-line performance monitoring.

Managers and Directors

Through direct benefit from the company gross profit, growing rate of income exceeding 10% annually, and full authority of management.


Through continuous training, open career path and professional experience, as well as ever improving package of salary, bonus and benefits.


By providing adequate solutions and continuously high class service and support, as well as a guaranteed continuation of this support in the future.


Through development of new products, solutions and services based on innovation with high added value and containing real benefits to the community. Meanwhile, maintaining moral ethics, as well as satisfying the social obligation through the contribution to the activities of several specialized Chambers, Associations and NGOs. In addition to availing job opportunities and training of youth and students.


Through regular fulfilment of taxes and duties, since the company does not enjoy any tax exemptions.

Foreign Business Partners

Through professional market introduction, ever growing market share and top class service support.

Allied Partners

Create a beneficial long term relation that enhances both companies’ interests and provides an ideal model of co-operation.